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NCS Development partners with Heartland to offer Dinerware, a restaurant POS solution that helps Houston business owners simplify restaurant management and increase profits.

Simplify Restaurant Management with Heartland’s Dinerware

Restaurant POS Systems in Houston and Beyond

Heartland’s Dinerware

Owning and operating a restaurant in Houston comes with many unique challenges. In order to stay profitable, you have to ensure every area of operation is running smoothly and efficiently. Without a feature-rich restaurant POS solution, staying competitive can be next to impossible.

Dinerware, provided by Heartland, is the industry-leading restaurant POS system that helps business owners overcome the hurdles standing in their way and operate a successful business. Whether you run a small independent diner or a large, multi-location chain, you can count on Dinerware to increase efficiency and improve processes, so that you can provide a better customer experience.

Benefits of Dinerware

Faster Operations
Dinerware helps streamline operations and increase efficiency through an array of restaurant-specific features, helping you save time and improve productivity.

Smarter Decisions
With detailed reporting functions, you can gain deeper insights into labor, inventory, sales, and more, so that your business decisions are backed by data.  

Improved Customer Service
With many different features designed to help save time, your staff is better able to focus on meeting your customer’s needs and providing a positive experience.

Increased Profits
Not only can you control costs, Dinerware helps you offer better promotions, foster loyal customer relationships, and effectively upsell to guests.

Dinerware Features

We offer an innovative restaurant POS system with the features and functions that help restaurant owners in Houston and the surrounding areas run a more profitable business.

Reporting: Access detailed reports on inventory, sales, labor, and more, so you can have a deeper insight into all of your operations.

Labor Management: Enforce attendance, manage scheduling, and track all hours worked while automatically calculating compensation for payroll.   

Table and Guest: Easily offer personalized service, transfer checks from table to bar, and split items effortlessly so you can create positive customer experiences.

Security: Keep assets and sensitive business data safe and secure with activity monitoring, access control, and secure transactions.

Reliable Support

We make it easy for businesses in Houston to purchase restaurant POS solutions. Our team is made up of skilled support professionals that possess a wealth of knowledge, and the industry experience to back it up.

You can count on us to help you install and set up your new system, provide one-on-one training, and guide you on how to get the most return from your investment. If any problem arises, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year to get your system back up and running ASAP.

Heartland Restaurant POS Software | NCS Development

Heartland Restaurant

Cloud-Based POS Designed to Grow Your Business

In a competitive environment like the restaurant industry, business owners in Houston, Texas need advanced, specialized technology to stand out. At NCS Development, we offer Heartland Restaurant, a unique cloud-based POS system that serves as a single unified platform for all your business technology.

Heartland Restaurant POS combines critical functions and powerful features into a single cloud-based solution that streamlines restaurant operations and helps you provide exceptional customer experiences that turn casual diners into loyal customers.

Advantages of Cloud-Based POS for Restaurant Owners

Leverage Heartland Restaurant POS to Stay Competitive

Heartland Restaurant does much more than simply handling transactions. It equips you to take your business to the next level, offering many advantages, like:

Faster table turns
Streamline the ordering process and give servers mobility to perform tasks on-the-go for faster service.

Shorter lines
Give guests the ability to order ahead online, from a self-order kiosk, or through their own app.

Synced staff
Improve communications between servers and kitchen for reduced order errors and better timing.

Order tracking
Make sure all courses are perfectly-timed and all deliveries make it to their destinations.

Remote management
Stay in-the-know and monitor operations wherever you are on any internet-connected device.

Advanced Cloud-Based POS Features

Heartland Restaurant is Feature-Rich and Powerful

Heartland Restaurant was made to give your business more control. This is a restaurant POS with the features and functions you need to lower costs, improve customer loyalty, increase revenue, and deliver better experiences.

Point of sale
Effortlessly handle transactions, track sales, control costs, and streamline your operations.

Self-order kiosk
Give guests the ability to skip the line by inputting their own orders into a fully-integrated kiosk.

Online ordering
Put your menu online and increase revenue by adding a new channel guests can order from.

Guest application
Connect with customers in a way that fosters loyalty and builds your brand with an intuitive guest app.

Gift & Loyalty
Bring in additional business and reward guests for their ongoing loyalty in a way that benefits all.

Local Support for Restaurants in Houston, Texas.

We are Available Whenever You Need

NCS Development is committed to serving restaurant owners in Houston Texas, and that commitment goes beyond simply offering restaurant POS. We are here as a resource and a guide to help you get the most out of your solution and stay running at maximum productivity. Whatever you need, we are available 24/7, 365 days out of the year with remote and on-site support.

Learn more about improving your business with cutting-edge restaurant POS technology. Contact us today!